Submission and Obedience


Well, well well! The impossible has happened! An inmate in an all-female California prison has become pregnant. She didn't have a conjugal visit. She had no male visitors. Yet, soon she will deliver a newborn infant.

She became pregnant through a 'lesbian' relationship with another inmate. Impossible, you say? Not so difficult to explain, after all.

We're being told every day that whatever a person envisions themselves to be, gender-wise, is real and true. California began transferring state prison inmates who claimed to be 'ladies' to all-female prisons. After all, the powers that be dared not violate the inmates' rights. Some are big bruisers weighing in at over 200 pounds and tall too. Big 'ladies'! And they still have all their equipment intact.

Guess what? 'Ladies' can still rape and can still father a child! Oh, my! When they saw all the female pulchritude behind bars, they must have momentarily transitioned to being male...for a while, anyway. Since their escapades, they might be women again. The news reports don't specify those details (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/at-least-one-california-inmate-pregnant-as-transgender-convicts-move-into-womens-prisons/).

Biology has won over the sociological clap-trap that claims gender is in the mind, not the genes! Now will that Cali prison decorate and equip a nursery? Sounds like it might even have to set up a delivery room and engage a midwife to attend the birthing. After all, there may be more to follow!

Transgender kids are told they need to take hormones that will make them more like their chosen gender. Then why not insist that the 'ladies' take estrogen, also? It would tame their game and render them harmless. But, of course, we can't violate their rights, can we?

What about their female prey who tremble with fear and have no place to hide? I guess they'll have to be satisfied with adopting the new role of motherhood! Just call it rehabilitation!

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